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Bruce Connew: I Must Behave

Bruce Connew: I Must Behave

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Design Catherine Griffiths and Bruce Connew
Typography Catherine Griffiths
Cloth, case-bound, 132 pages
121x167mm, upright
85 colour photographs
Printed in Verona, Italy by EBS
Published by Vapour Momenta Books

I Must Behave is the second volume in a social and political trilogy of artist books: ‘I Saw You’, 2007; ‘I Must Behave’, 2009; ‘I Drive You Crazy, to the Moon’, which will be published one day.

“This is an unsettling observation of the experience of globalisation: where we are, who we are and what we are, we can’t quite say. Perhaps the sense of anxiety and disconnection apparent in these images is also a manifestation of the personal and social controls and restrictions we submit ourselves to.” Deidra Sullivan

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