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Bruce Connew: Body of Work

Bruce Connew: Body of Work

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Design Catherine Griffiths
and Bruce Connew
Typography Catherine Griffiths
Cloth, case-bound, 68 pages
340 x 230mm, upright
38 tritone photographs
Printed in Germany by Optimal Media
EDITION of 600, signed, numbered


‘Body of Work’ was published 2015 by Vapour Momenta Books, the pocket-sized publishing arm of Catherine Griffiths and Bruce Connew.

“What Bruce Connew’s book ‘Body of Work’ recalibrates is the very interesting and historical metaphor of the horse ... ” Brad Feuerhelm’s review for American Suburb X, September 18, 2016.

‘Body of Work’ was published and signed during Paris Photo 2015, first at Le Bal, November 12, and again, Friday 13, at Café Lehmitz Photobooks aboard Polycopies, just before an awful madness came upon Paris.

“In the first instance, ‘Body of Work’ is about the orchestrated process of horse breeding. But, as I wriggled through the months of scrutiny, amidst the rawness of procreation, I became aware of a common anomaly in the mares being served. I came to recognise, in one mare after another, an anthropomorphic capacity to reflect. Through mournful eyes, they would make known an understanding of their peculiar predicament.” ... from the afterword.

Josef Chladek included ‘Body of Work’ on Virtual Bookshelf’s 2015 BEST list. His tweet early December 2015 said:  “One of the most stunning and beautiful books in a long time ...”

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