• Bruce Connew: I Saw You
  • Bruce Connew: I Saw You
  • Bruce Connew: I Saw You

Bruce Connew: I Saw You

Vapour Momenta Books

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Design Catherine Griffiths and Bruce Connew
Typography Catherine Griffiths
Hard cover, tape-bound, 120 pages
105x148mm, upright
52 colour photographs
Printed by Freestyle, New Zealand
Published by Vapour Momenta Books
ISBN 978 0 473 12457 1

‘I Saw You’ was published by Vapour Momenta Books, the pocket-sized publishing arm of Catherine Griffiths and Bruce Connew.

It is the first volume in a social and political trilogy of artist books: ‘I Saw You’, 2007; ‘I Must Behave’, 2009; ‘I Drive You Crazy, to the Moon’.

“I peered in on people’s lives, sneaked up on their susceptibilities as they busied themselves mostly in ordinary ways, minding their own business and perhaps a little of yours, when they could reasonably expect no one to be watching—private moments in a public space.” Bruce Connew